Australia’s Favourite Frozen Yogurt Supplier

Bondi Ice Cream Co. is one of the leading suppliers of frozen yogurt mix in Australia. Our soft serve bases are a hit in the market as well as our frozen yogurt bases.

A healthier and tastier alternative to ice creams, our frozen yogurt mix is made using local ingredients like milk, probiotics, and live cultures. They give an irresistible twist to shakes and smoothies loved by kids and adults alike.

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Frozen yogurt for the healthier & happier you

The best way to beat the heat in Australian summers is with a cup full of frozen yogurt.

At Bondi Ice Cream Co., you can expect the highest-quality frozen yogurt mix that gives a blend of sweetness and sourness to pamper your taste buds. You can mix it with our flavoured sachets to add unique flavours.

As a highly-trusted frozen yogurt distributor in Australia, we are scaling new heights by introducing many interesting and unique flavours. Our in-house team closely studies user behaviour to determine distinct tastes people want.

Your Guaranteed Supplier of Frozen Yogurt in Australia

Bondi Ice Cream Co. is trusted by local manufacturers of ice cream parlours, hotels and restaurants. Whether it’s a regular supply or serving for special occasions, partner with us to get assured supply of frozen yogurt mix to your doorstep.

While we stand by the top-quality products, our prices are nominal as compared to many other frozen yogurt suppliers in Australia.

For those starting small or have a limited budget, they can discover some amazing options in frozen yogurt and soft serve with us.

We love hearing from our valued customers. For any questions or any additional information on our products, call us at 02 8074 4986 or fill out our contact us form.


"Ice cream is good for any mood." – Emilia age 7

“I would call myself something of a expert, and this is definitely my favourite” – Tom

“Hands down the best soft serve supplier I’ve used for my business.” – Michael

“What more could you ask for, real flavouring that tastes like the perfect soft serve." – Vanessa, 26