australia's best soft serve
australia's best soft serve
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What About Australia’s best soft serve to cool off?

dude, yum, what are you?

We’re a Bondi-born soft serve powder mix supplier in Australia. Our delicious vanilla base is mixed with either water or milk (depending on how creamy you’re feeling), and cowabunga dude, you have yourself Australia’s yummiest soft serve. The rich and creamy flavoured mix can be used on its own or in combination with other flavours. Stock up for house parties or your hotel, restaurant or ice-cream bar, we have a great selection of soft-serve powder mix available for you.

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Want to try the best flavoured soft serve in Australia? See our tasty range below:


Ice Cream Mix

Surf's Up

Classic Vanilla Soft Serve Powder which works well with all flavours.

Bondi Gold

A Rich and creamy premium vanilla soft serve base ready for any flavour - or on its own!


Strawberry Dreams

It's the stawberry flavour of your dreams...

Milk Chocolate

A creamy classic flavour you can't go past.


This wonderfully rich caramel flavour works perfectly with our Bondi Gold base.

Dark Cocoa Chocolate

The ultimate in decadence, our Dark Cocoa Chocolate flavour is a favourate.

Local Soft Serve Distributor the Australian Industry Trusts

Bondi Ice Cream Co. brings the best soft serve to Australia for those who want to serve their customers delightful and delicious desserts.

We can be your regular soft serve supplier in Australia, order it now to your mix delivered to your doorstep. Talk to one of our representatives and approach us for distributorship.


"Ice cream is good for any mood." – Emilia age 7

“I would call myself something of a expert, and this is definitely my favourite” – Tom

“Hands down the best soft serve supplier I’ve used for my business.” – Michael

“What more could you ask for, real flavouring that tastes like the perfect soft serve." – Vanessa, 26